See All Your Customer Information In One Place

The Customer Hub enables you to view your customer details, and insights on those customers, in one place. Have more than one place where customers come from? No problem, integrate them all into a single list. Don't use anything to track customers? No problem, use this simple dashboard to add and maintain your customers. Know the difference between an actual customer, and a potential customer.

Customer DizItems

DizSights - See your customer growth, and customer trends to help you plan for the future.

DizActions - Determine which customers need attention, and for what reason.

Customer DizItems

Understand Your Customers

Customer Details


Keep your customer information in one place. Whether you call them customers, clients, patients, or aliens, Dization adapts to your language and enables you to get to the important details quickly.

Use Existing Tools

Already use some great tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, or SalesForce? No Problem, integrate them all into one place so you can get one listing of customers, and potential customers. Keep all of your activity in one place.

Keep Track

Quickly view opportunities past & present, future & historical work, as well total customer revenue and summary.

Dization Hub

How Can Dization Help You?

Why should only the big businesses have all the great tools? Click below to get started to see how Dization can support your business.

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