Running Your Business Has Never Been Easier

The Dization Hub gives you all the information you need in one place - connecting customer, employee, work, and finance information to give you insights needed to run your business most effectively & efficiently.

What is the Dization Hub?

The Dization Hub is your essential business software tool that provides you with the ability to connect all the important aspects of your business - from customers & sales opportunities, to work activities & employees. You don't need a lot of expensive software or to spend hours in excel trying to combine everything together for a complete picture for your business. The Hub does it for you in one easy to use web-based tool.

Dization Hub
Dization Hub lets you eliminate need for multiple tools / lets you connect them together

Don't currently have a tool to track customers, work, products & services, or employees? No problem. Dization Hub has that functionality. If you already track this information in other tools, then simply integrate them with The Dization Hub.

Actions to Improve your Business

Dization Hub automatically analyzes your data and provides you valuable insights about your business. They help you take the right actions in your business so you can save money, increase customer focus, and worry less about tracking the details yourself.

Take command of your business with The Dization Hub

There are five key elements every business should track and understand to be successful:

  1. Customers


    Whether you call them clients, customers, or patients, it's important that you track who they are, what work you've done for them, and what additional work you an provide them in the future. More Information

  2. Opportunities


    What work, or potential sales, will you be selling to whom? It is vital to track and manager your sales actions to maximize growth and better plan employee demand. More Information

  3. Employees


    What work and specific tasks are your employees working on? Are you tracking their time and activities? How can you better manage employees to improve profits? Let Dization Hub help you better track and identify ways to improve how work gets done in your business. More Information

  4. Products & Services

    Products & Services

    You may sell custom software, you may sell a Saas tool, you may sell legal or medical services. Whatever you sell, do you have the ability to package it and resell it over and over again? Are you tracking what you do sell? More Information

  5. Work & Tasks

    Work & Tasks

    Whether you call it a job, a project, a task, an appointment, or a rental, you have to do some level of work to deliver your products or services. Here is where you can track what that work is, and tie it with who has worked on it, and for what customer. More Information

Dization Hub

Combining these components together in the Dization Hub gives you the insights you need to immediately view your business performance, goals, and areas to improve. More Information

Connects Your Data

The Dization Dashboard connects to your existing tools and intelligently pulls information together for you to fully see what's going on in your business.

A.I. Driven

Dization Generates key insights, called DizSights, and key actions, called DizActions to help you streamline your business.

Provides Flexibility

The Dization Dashboard generates information related to your business.


The Dization Hub is designed for you to do less work, not more. Stop being frustrated in Excel after dinner.

How Can Dization Help You?

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