Everything You Need In One Dashboard

The Dashboard Hub summarizes your business for you in one place. View your current performance, projections, goals, open work, work completed, and the important DizActions & DizSights for your business in one place.


DizSights - Insights generated by the Dization Brain from connecting your data together to provide you valuable insights helping you to manage your business.

DizActions - Actions generated by the Dization Brain that you can take to save your business money or increase profits.

Instant Snapshot of Your Business...

Get an up to the minute view of your business performance based on the work being completed in real time. Don't wait for the invoice and cash to clear in order to understand how you are performing.

...Along with Key Notifications

Don't be caught off guard by work or tasks that are currently problems, or could be potential problems. Take action right away to ensure your business stays in the black.

Visually See Your Business

View Your Work

Track all the work that is going on in your company. No more daily emails, or guessing as to what everyone is getting done. Helps you scale and grow.

Dization Hub

How Can Dization Help You?

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