Understand what goes on in your Business

Whether you call it tasks, a worklist, or a work-tracker, it's important you understand what your employees are working on, for how long, and tied to which project/job, opportunity, and/or customer.

Task DizItems

DizSights - View trends on your tasks like completion rate, and average task duration.

DizActions - Takes actions to ensure you and your company get the work done you need to get done to support your customers, sales, and projects.

Customer DizItems

Instant Snapshot of Task Performance...

Understand exactly how the task is performing against its expectations. Keep an eye on whether or not your hours, or cost are going above expectations easily.

...Along With an Easy Way to Enter Time and Cost Against a Task

Make sure you, and your employees charge the correct time to the correct task so you know how your work is progressing.

Keep Track of Your Company

Built-in tools to understand the daily task log for yourself, and your employees to help you stay on top of:

  • Work being done by which employee
  • Productivity Levels of the Organization
  • Manage Workloads


Understand Your Tasks

Work Details


Keep the key details of your tasks in one place, linking it quickly to the project/job or opportunity it's for, the employees working on it, and any subtasks.

Use Existing Tools

Already use some great tools like Monday.com or Trello, Clockify? No Problem, integrate them all with Dization so you can link your work back to opportunities, jobs/work, customers, and services in one place. Otherwise, use the simple functionality built-in to Dization.

Keep Track

Keep track of your work and don't wait until the task is done to understand if you are on budget or not.

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How Can Dization Help You?

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