Understand your Projects, Jobs and Work in One Place

Whether you call your work: jobs, projects, work, rentals, or appointments, you still have to understand what a block of work, with associated tasks, for a customer, are. The Project Hub keeps track of all your sold work and helps you manage that work with the resources you have to ensure your business is running smoothly.

Project DizItems

DizSights - View trends on your work like what work you complete more quickly than expected.

DizActions - Stay on top of your work with Actions such as work that is losing money, overdue, understaffed, etc.

Customer DizItems

Instant Snapshot of Work Performance...

Understand exactly how the job/project is performing against its expectations. Keep an eye on whether or not your hours, or cost are going above expectations easily.

...Along with Work Projections...

Sometimes jobs come in under their expectations, sometimes they come in over, sometimes you are spot on. In any case, don't wait until the end of the work to determine where you will be, Dization will project the job performance for you.

...And Key Notifications Related to the Work

All the while, key notifications, such as: job overdue, job overbudget, job not started, etc. are clearly communicated to you to ensure you stay on top of the work.

Work Projections

Look at all of your work in one image to determine:

  • Future workload and resource needs
  • Month-to-month expected profit versus actuals based on work complete
  • Total cumulative and projected revenue based on work in hand


Understand Your Work

Work Details


Keep the key details of your work in one place, linking it quickly to the customer it's for, the opportunity it came from, the employees working on it, and the tasks left to do.

Use Existing Tools

Already use some great tools like Monday.com or Trello? No Problem, integrate them all into one place so you can link your work back to opportunities, tasks, customers, and jobs/services in one place. Otherwise, use the simple functionality built-in to Dization.

Keep Track

Keep track of your work and don't wait until the job is done to understand whether or not you will make money. For work that lasts a few days, understand what is left to complete it and who is working on it. Always make sure you have enough employees to finish the work. For work that's done quickly, understand what went into that work, who worked on it, and areas you can improve your margins.

Dization Hub

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