Manage Your Opportunities In One Place

One of the keys to successfully running and growing your business is understanding your opportunities. Whether you call them opportunities, pipeline, or a funnel, manage the details here. You can either integrate with your existing tools or use Dization's built-in interface.

Opportunity DizItems

DizSights - Understand your sales activities and trends.

DizActions - Never miss a sales action again.

Customer DizItems

Understand Your Opportunities

Customer Details


Keep the key details of your opportunity in one place, linking it quickly to the customer it's for, as well as any pre-sales tasks you or your staff need to complete in order to win the sale.

Use Existing Tools

Already use some great tools like HubSpot,or SalesForce? No Problem, integrate them all into one place so you can get one listing of opportunities in one place. Otherwise, use the simple functionality built-in to Dization.

Keep Track

Don't lose track of the work that goes into a sale. Do you recover that time and money spent on the sale? Do you have insights into that information? Which opportunity is your most lucrative, and why? By using Dization, and linking customers, tasks, and opportunities together, get insights like these and more!

Project Your Sales

Look at all of your opportunities in one image to determine:

  • Projected Sales by Month
  • Year-to-date Sales
  • Future sales to balance work-load and employees

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