Industries Overview

Dization is Designed to Support Your Small Business or Startup

No two businesses are the same. Dization understands this. Dization adapts to your business, not requiring you to adapt to it. Call your customers clients? No problem. Dization adjusts. Don't currently have a CRM? No problem, use the built-in functionality to track Opportunities. Use a tool that doesn't currently integrate? No problem. Reach out to use and we'll try to integrate it.

Scroll down to see some industries Dization is great for. Don't see yours? Don't worry. Reach out to us and we'll see if we can help!

Advertising and Digital Marketing

Keep track of your customers, understand which of your advertising services performs the best. Integrate finances to your tasks and employees.

Consulting Business

Focus on your customers. Grow your business by tracking your employees as they perform your services just the way you want them to.

Engineering Services

Manage your worklist, track your customer projects, track your customers and opportunities to keep your engineering services running. It doesn't matter if you support the energy industry, automotive industry, or any engineering function, keep track of your business.

Event Planning

Organize the tasks you need to complete to make a successful event. Tie those tasks to your employees and customers and track what kinds of events are the best for your business!

Financial Services

Accounting services? Retirement planning? Financial Planner? Keep track of your customers, your tasks, and how you're performing to ensure you can grow and stay focused on the finances.

Health and Beauty

Run a yoga studio? Love cutting hair? Are you growing and struggling to keep track of your inventory, your recurring customers, and how to price services? Try Dization to keep your business organized.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Chiropractor? General Practitioner? Starting your own practice? Do you understand your patient table time? Charging your services properly? Paying an office manager? Keep it all organized with Dization.

Home Services

Growing your Lawn Care Business? Sending your plumbers out to various job sites? No matter the type of home service you provide, understand your customers, and employees to get insights with Dization.

IT Services

Run an IT company? Are you tracking your employee tasks versus the service they perform? Have a handle as to which services earn you the most? Dization can help.

Legal Services

Growing your law firm and looking for a way to keep track of your employees, services, and growth? Let Dization help!

Photography Services

Growing your photography business? Having trouble keeping track of which photographer is a which shoot today? What types of shoots are your most profitable? Let Dization help you.

Property Management

Own a series of beach houses? Need to keep track of which services are needed at which property? Which employees are most efficient at what task? Let Dization help!

Software and Technology

Have multiple projects going on at once while at the same time trying to track down new opportunities? Do you know what developer is working on what task? For what customer, and project? Keep track of all your business efforts with Dization.

How Can Dization Help You?

Why should only the big businesses have all the great tools? Click below to get started to see how Dization can support your business.

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Why Choose Dization?

One Simple Package

Dization is the one-stop for all of your small business and startup needs. You don't need to be a data expert, business intelligence expert, of finance expert to use Dization, it just works simply and combines the important elements of your business together to provide you with useful insights.


We've seem many software packages out there that make you change your process to conform to the software. Dization won't make you change what you do, but aligns with your existing process. If you have a gap in your process, Dization can help you align yourself to industry best practices so that you can most effeciently run your business.

Safe & Secure

Your data is yours, it's not shared, and we go above and beyond to ensure it is safe and secure. You trust us with your business, we understand how important that is for you.

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