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August Newsletter
Welcome to the August Dization monthly Newsletter! We've been making a lot of great progress and wanted to share it with you.

Rob Santoro
Co-Founder & CEO
The Dization Hub
The Dization Hub is the one-stop for start-up and small business needs. Connect all of your existing tools together so that you can get automatic analytics and information about your business in one spot.
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News & Events
Registered for the RustBuilt Conference 2021
We are excited to network with local entrepreneurs and hear all the great startup news at the 2021 RustBuilt Conference. More Information
Accomplishments This Month
Dashboard DizItems are now analzing business information and providing actions such as when you will run out of work and when you need to secure more work in order to keep your business running smoothly.
Dization Dashboard
Dization Hub is now integrating data from CRMs through Task Management to Finance tools to give the small businss owner an overall picture of their business.
Business Forecast
The Dization Hub now forecasts sales, revenue, and profit giving business leaders insights into how their business will perform in the future.
What We're Working On Next
  • Finalizing Dashboard & Integration Hub
  • Developing Integration Connections with SendinBlue and Trello
  • Sign-up and Setup Wizard
Looking For Beta Testers
Soon Dization will be ready for beta testing. We'd love for you to let us know what you think before we officially launch. We're busy now developing the AI brain, the integration tools, and the main application. As soon as we are ready, we'd love for you to take it for a spin.
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