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October Newsletter
Welcome to the September/October Dization Newsletter!
Like you, we have been frustrated with business management tools that do not consolidate information to provide useful business insights. We're tired of having three or four tools that don't talk together and don't give us everything we need to run our business. That's why we created the Dization Hub so that you can get the information you need to grow and run your business.
Over the last two months, we've been working hard to bring the first version of the Dization Hub to reality, and are now ready for you to let us know what you think!
Rob Santoro
Co-Founder & CEO
Looking For Feedback
Dization is ready for you! Before we build too much, we are looking for some savvy business leaders to give us a test run and let us know what you think. What can we improve? What works? What doesn't work? Have we added any value? Your input will help shape the future of the Dization Hub as well as the success of many businesses.
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The Dization Hub
The Dization Hub is the one-stop for start-up and small business needs. Connect all of your existing tools together so that you can get automatic analytics and information about your business in one spot.
Don't fear making bad business decisions due to lack of information!
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News & Events
It was awesome to meet in person for the first annual RustBuilt Conference!
Dization was excited to be a part of all the energy at the first annual RustBuilt Conference.
Mayor Bill Peduto officially declared September 17th, 2021 as RustBuilt day and it was awesome to see the start-up energy happening here in Pittsburgh.
Dization is proud and excited to be part of this awesome Pittsburgh community and we look forward to working with fellow start-ups and business leaders in the region as we get started.
Check out RustBuilt here.
Accomplishments This Month - Dization Hub
Connects Customers, Pipeline, Projects & Work, to your employees and products & services to enable you to view an up to the minute snapshot of your business, where you are making money, where you are losing money, why, and what you can do to improve.
The Hub also projects where you will wind up for the year and tracks your performance against your goals. See information like how long it takes you to win work, how much work you currently have when you will run out of work, and when you need to close new sales to keep your business running smoothly!
What We're Working On Next
  • Integrations - working with customers now to integrate different tools into the Hub.
  • Looking for partners to give us feedback on what we've built so far.
  • Sign-up and Setup Wizard
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