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Dization Newsletter
Volume 2.1
We took a little break from the monthly newsletters to determine the best way to communicate useful business help and all of our exciting news and events.  
We hope that you enjoy our latest iteration of the newsletter and gain some useful insights, dare I say DizSights!
The Beta Version of the Hub is out now and we are looking for your feedback!
Rob Santoro
Co-Founder & CEO
Running Your Small Business in the Digital World
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Are you spending hours in excel trying to identify your best customers, opportunities, products/services, tasks, and finances?  Are you frustrated that your tools don't do everything you need them to do in one place?  Does your small business or startup use a CRM tool and a finance tool?  Do these tools connect together, and if they do, are you getting good information based on the combined information to help you make confident business decisions?
Find answers to these questions and more in our free e-Guide!
Medium to large scale businesses spend millions of dollars every year implementing large integrated software systems to run their business. What benefits are they getting out of that software that you're missing:
  • Process Efficiency
  • Time Savings
  • Information Tracking and Gathering
  • Insights (Such as: How much time are spending on sales activities and are they recovered in your jobs?  Which tasks are taking you the most time on your projects and why?  What follow-ups are needed to ensure you continue with your sales pipeline?)
Can you get the same benefits those big companies do without spending the same amount of money and/or not having a large IT department? This e-Guide will show you how.
News & Events
Dization Featured in the First-Ever Pittsburgh Inno Madness Bracket for 2022
We are excited to be part of the awesome startup community here in Pittsburgh. PittsburghInno has put together a fun competition in the style of a March Madness Bracket, asking readers, "Who would you invest in?", featuring 16 Pittsburgh Area Startups.

Dization was selected to participate in the first round and we couldn't be more excited. Granted there is some great competition in the bracket and some awesome startups in the area, doing great things, we hope you'll vote for us in this fun competition!
Vote for Dization Here
Dization Applied to the Ascender Incubator Program!
The Ascender Incubation Program is a free, yearlong incubator program that equips entrepreneurs with the tools to launch, build and grow a business.  
Dizaiton is pumped to participate in the program and expects to learn a lot from those at Ascender.  
We understand that there is a lot of competition out there for this program, so good luck to all those who have applied!
Dization Had a Blast at #SUDPgh
We ventured out on Wednesday, March 2nd, to meet fellow founders, designers,
storytellers & other startup leaders from across the region at Il Tetto, The Meatball Joint, downtown.
RustBuiltPGH always puts on a great event and it's awesome to meet other local like-minded individuals.  Glad to be networking in person again.  Had a blast chatting with everyone there last night.
Website Refreshed!
We are excited to announce our webstie refresh.
We took your feedback and have developed cleaner messaging and a simplier design.  Let us know what you think!
Check it out:
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Looking For Feedback
Dization is ready for you! Before we build too much, we are looking for some savvy business leaders to give us a test run and let us know what you think.  What can we improve?  What works?  What doesn't work? Have we added any value?  Your input will help shape the future of the Dization Hub as well as the success of many businesses.
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Dization Hub
The Dization Hub is the one-stop for start-up and small business needs.  Connect all of your existing tools together so that you can get automatic analytics and information about your business in one spot. 
Don't fear making bad business decisions due to lack of information! 
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What We Got Done Recently
  • Integrations - added more integrations such as HubSpot.
  • Bug Fixes to DizGenerator
What We're Working On Next
  • Integrations - continuing to add integrations per customer requests.
  • Looking for partners to give us feedback on what we've built so far.
  • Sign-up and Setup Wizard nearly complete.
  • User profiles and company specific access controls comming Q2-2022
  •  1099 Contractor Version Coming Soon to handle your Hourly Contractor Jobs and Invoicing!
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